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Cork Shoe Insert DIY
October 12, 2014, 7:25 pm
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We needed a 1 cm cork shoe insert for a leg discrepancy and couldn’t find one anywhere.  We bought some 1 cm cork from Michael’s and made our own.  Here is how we made our own:


1. Take out the insoles and trace them onto the cork.  (Some shoes do not have an easy insole to remove.)  Cut out the new insoles.


2.  I had to cut two and layer them to equal 1 cm.


3.  Cut a piece of moleskin so that it will fit over the entire insole and wrap around the sides. I got this moleskin at Target in the foot section.


4.  Peel off the sticker paper from the back of the moleskin and lay the moleskin on top of the insert.


5.  Wrap the moleskin around the sides to secure both pieces together.  At this point you will try it out in the shoe to see if it fits.  I always have to peel back the moleskin and trim the sides to make it fit.  I even have to cut the bottom layer of the insert so that the toes have room in the shoe.  1 cm makes a big difference in a shoe.


6.  Now you are ready to wear your new insert.  I change them out each quarter so that they stay the height that I need.  They do tend to cave in over time.


BPA-Free Canned Foods
November 30, 2011, 1:27 am
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We really try to not eat anything in plastic, especially BPA.  So we were shocked to find out that a lot of canned foods have a BPA plastic lining in them.  Now we only buy canned foods made by Eden Organic since they are only ones in our area to sell BPA-free cans.  The kids didn’t like these baked beans, but we will be trying more of their beans in the future. The BPA lining is also found in cans of pop, so we have switched to glass bottles.  

Hidden Spinach Smoothie
November 4, 2011, 12:49 am
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Smoothies are a great way to get fruit and vegetables into your kids.  My smoothie is mostly fruit, but I add a generous handful of spinach so that it includes a vegetable that my kids would not normally eat.  Here is a before and after shot of my smoothie.  The secret to hiding the green color is to add some blueberries or some blackberries.


1 cup apple juice

1/2 a bag organic strawberries (I get mine from Whole Foods)

1 banana

handful of baby spinach (my kids are picky about the spinach we get, so it has to be the organic Kroger brand in the container) or kale

5 blackberries or pour in a little bit of blueberries

Blend all of these ingredients and drink.  The only frozen parts are the strawberries and the berries.  We stopped adding ice to our smoothies since the cold made it too hard to eat.

C. Diff Finally Gone
June 9, 2011, 7:45 pm
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My son finally got a prescription to cycle vancomycin yesterday.  He will be on it for 6 weeks and during that time I am going to limit his sugar in-take.   We are hoping this fourth time works!

*Update  for the C. Diff (9/28/12) I had forgotten to update this post with how we finally got rid of C. Diff.

1.  First round of Flagyl- fail

2. Second round of Flagyl- fail

3.  First round of  Vancomycin- fail

4.  Second round of Vancomycin (cycled)- fail

5. Clean out to prepare for colonoscopy

6.  After colonoscopy, Alinia (with probiotics S. boulardii and Reuteri)

7. Pentasa -after the colonoscopy, Alinia, and Pentasa (Pentasa after Alinia was complete) it went away! (September 2011)

Then in April 2012 he was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis.  Did the C. Diff trigger this disease?

C. Diff Relapse #3
May 14, 2011, 11:15 pm
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My son finished his Vancocin on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon things were looking loose again.  Today is Saturday and sure enough I am convinced that he still has C. diff. I called the on call doctor at the GI office and she said that since this will be his fourth time on medication for this, then he needs a special plan.  The plan could be pulsing Vancomycin or adding another drug.  I talked with another mom who has a son that suffered through this and she said that the pulsing worked for them.  Her son had to do 6 weeks of pulsing Vancomycin.  We will meet with the GI doctor on Monday to do a stool sample again.

Probiotics right now: Florastor, Reuteri, Culturelle

Diet right now: no refined sugar, dairy or juice

Don’t Eat Sugar with C. Diff
May 12, 2011, 1:53 am
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So it has been 2 1/2 months of diarrhea and finally my son has made some progress with his c. diff.  He cut out sugar, juice, and dairy and within 24 hours he finally had a partly solid BM.  Then this afternoon the whole thing was solid.  It still isn’t totally normal looking since it is yellowish in color, but it is solid.  He is also on his 9th day of Vancocin.  I don’t think the Vancocin was working before this because he was drinking so much sugar from juice.  I still have him on probiotics (Florastor twice a day, Culturelle once, and Primadophilus once).

C. Diff 2011
May 11, 2011, 12:40 am
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My seven-year-old son was diagnosed with c. diff at the beginning of March.  He had been on a 30 day course of the antibiotic Keflex after having surgery on his hip.  The infectious disease team at the hospital made it seem like c. diff wouldn’t be a big deal and that Flagyl would clear it up.  The first time he was on Flagyl he threw up every day and didn’t get the full 10 day course in.  Next, he was prescribed a lower dose of Flagyl from the pediatrician and that didn’t help either.  He still threw up and had no improvement in his BMs.  While this was going on, he was waiting to get in with a GI doctor.  The wait list for the best GI doctor was 6 weeks and so we decided to go with the first appointment we could get.  Finally, 3 weeks later he had an appointment with the GI doctor and was prescribed Vancocin.  We were very hopeful for this medication since it seems to work for a lot of people.  The type of Vancocin that was prescribed is in a capsule so we have to open it and then dissolve it in 98 degree water. It is a pain and sometimes hard to dissolve it.  So now my son is on his 8th day of Vancocin and still experiencing diarrhea.  I called the GI doctor and told him about this. We were advised to cut out dairy, juice and sugar.  My son has been having a lot of all three of those things since he needs the juice added to the Vancocin and then has eaten a lot of dairy to get his weight up.  I hope to report a success story so that others can be helped through this awful journey.

Probiotics we have tried:

During Keflex he drank the DanActive yogurts with 10 billion bacteria in them

During the Flagyl second time around he was on Inner Eco Coconut Kefir (many tablespoons through out the day), he started Florastor which has helped a lot with the frequency, Primadophilus

During Vancocin he has been on the Inner Eco, Florastor, sometimes Primadophilus, was on Yo Baby yogurt and the DanActive (had to stop due to doctor’s orders of no dairy), and just started Culturelle yesterday

I am finding that when he cuts back on the probiotics that the frequency goes up, so he takes quite a bit of probiotics during the day.

Cleaning: I clean the bathroom with 9 parts water to 1 part bleach and you must let the solution sit on the surfaces for 15 minutes.  I was just reading about how the bathtub can have c diff spores and you can reinfect yourself in there, so tomorrow I will be buying a spray bottle to clean that with bleach as well.  I am just not excited about the idea of my son sitting in a bathtub cleaned with bleach so he may need to take showers.  I also clean all of the things touched like doorknobs, light switches, kitchen faucet, and computer mouse with the bleach solution.  My son is already very good about handwashing so that is easy.  For the laundry I wash all of the bathroom towels in hot water. I can’t do those in bleach since they are blue, but I have thought about buying white towels until he is healthy again.  I also did an empty load with bleach in the washing machine today so that it can kill any spores that may be in there. *Be careful not to mix vinegar with bleach.  I had to call poison control to ask about this today since we had used vinegar to clean the bathroom in the past.  Well, I had to rinse all of the surfaces that had been cleaned by vinegar before applying the bleach cleaner.  This also includes other household cleaners containing ammonia. The very helpful woman at poison control also mentioned that urine in the toilet also reacts to bleach, so be careful.

What I wish I had known…. I wish that the hospital would have warned us about this problem when my son was admitted.  Hand sanitizers don’t work and so I would have brought water and soap over to his bed to wash his hands before eating had I known about this awful bacteria.  I also think infectious disease should have told us to use specific types of probiotics while he was on the Keflex.  The GI doctor should also have been more thorough in telling us how to clean and what to eat or not eat.  I keep reading about sugar feeding the bad bacteria.  I would have been more mindful of what my son was eating while on the Vancocin.