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Leaf Painting
October 12, 2014, 8:00 pm
Filed under: Crafts, Fall

DSC00122 DSC00123 DSC00125This was a fun fall idea that my kids wanted to do.  We found it in a Martha Stewart Magazine.  First, trace leaves with a pencil onto high quality watercolor paper.  Then erase the pencil marks so that they are barely seen.  Take a wet paintbrush (with water) and fill in the leaves along the pencil parts and then fill in the rest with water.  Finally drop in dots of watercolors and let them swirl around.  The color doesn’t spill outside the shape.


Cork Shoe Insert DIY
October 12, 2014, 7:25 pm
Filed under: Health

We needed a 1 cm cork shoe insert for a leg discrepancy and couldn’t find one anywhere.  We bought some 1 cm cork from Michael’s and made our own.  Here is how we made our own:


1. Take out the insoles and trace them onto the cork.  (Some shoes do not have an easy insole to remove.)  Cut out the new insoles.


2.  I had to cut two and layer them to equal 1 cm.


3.  Cut a piece of moleskin so that it will fit over the entire insole and wrap around the sides. I got this moleskin at Target in the foot section.


4.  Peel off the sticker paper from the back of the moleskin and lay the moleskin on top of the insert.


5.  Wrap the moleskin around the sides to secure both pieces together.  At this point you will try it out in the shoe to see if it fits.  I always have to peel back the moleskin and trim the sides to make it fit.  I even have to cut the bottom layer of the insert so that the toes have room in the shoe.  1 cm makes a big difference in a shoe.


6.  Now you are ready to wear your new insert.  I change them out each quarter so that they stay the height that I need.  They do tend to cave in over time.