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C. Diff Finally Gone
June 9, 2011, 7:45 pm
Filed under: Health

My son finally got a prescription to cycle vancomycin yesterday.  He will be on it for 6 weeks and during that time I am going to limit his sugar in-take.   We are hoping this fourth time works!

*Update  for the C. Diff (9/28/12) I had forgotten to update this post with how we finally got rid of C. Diff.

1.  First round of Flagyl- fail

2. Second round of Flagyl- fail

3.  First round of  Vancomycin- fail

4.  Second round of Vancomycin (cycled)- fail

5. Clean out to prepare for colonoscopy

6.  After colonoscopy, Alinia (with probiotics S. boulardii and Reuteri)

7. Pentasa -after the colonoscopy, Alinia, and Pentasa (Pentasa after Alinia was complete) it went away! (September 2011)

Then in April 2012 he was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis.  Did the C. Diff trigger this disease?


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