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Black Apple Doll and Eddie
June 5, 2011, 9:52 pm
Filed under: Crafts, Kids, Sewing

My niece really wanted a Black Apple Doll when she saw the one I had around the house.  It has been a while since I last made one and so I thought I would post some tricks I used to make the sewing go a little more smoothly.

1.  Trace the arms and legs and double up on the fabric.  Then sew on the lines before cutting them out. I did not use any seam allowance here since I sewed right onto the line. Finding where to end the sewing and back stitching can be tricky too since one of the dolls had a hole in her leg near the top from the stitching coming undone.

*Sewing for the rest of the doll was done using a 1/4 inch seam inside the line.

2.  Sew the arms and legs onto one piece of the body before sandwiching.  I also sewed on the pigtails at this point too.  For one of the dolls I actually put the edge of the arms and legs out beyond the body so that it was sure to be caught in the needle.  I had to redo one of the dolls several times since the leg wasn’t attached once I turned her right side out.  *Also, to help with attaching, don’t overstuff the legs and arms too close to the opening.

3. Tape all of the arms and legs to hold in place onto the doll.  Then sandwich the front and back pieces.  This way the arms won’t accidentally get sewn into the seam.

Now I just need to sew up the top of her head and then add the face.  I also plan to make her a tutu since I plan to give her to my niece after her ballet recital.  I hope she likes her.

My kids wanted a boy doll, so I made this Eddie doll from Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang.  There are so many cute dolls to make in this book!  I think our Eddie, which is named Harry, came out pretty cute.  He has removable clothes.











Edit:  I finally got around to doing the faces on the Black Apple Dolls. I used a disappearing fabric marker to draw a simple nose, mouth and round eyes.  Then I painted on the line with acrylic paint.


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