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No Sew Toddler Tutu and American Girl Doll Tutu
January 25, 2010, 2:23 am
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My sister needed to make some tutus for her twin nieces so we made these easy no tie versions.  They were very quick and we ended up making three in a few hours, plus a tutu for my niece’s American Girl Doll.  Our tutus will fit a 1-3 year old.

What  you will need:

2 rolls of 25 yard tulle

1/2 inch wide elastic (the length depends on your child’s waist, we used 20 inches)

sewing needle and thread

1.  Cut 1/2 inch wide elastic to fit your child’s waist.  We cut our elastic 20 inches.

2. Overlap the ends of the elastic one inch on each end so that the elastic will form an 18 inch round waistband.  At first we sewed the overlapped ends using a sewing machine, but found that a bit hard since our thread kept bunching.  We ended up hand sewing the elastic to secure the ends.  The hand sewing was actually easier and just as quick.

3.  We used 2 spools of 25 yard tulle from Joann’s for each tutu.  Cut 20 inch long strips from each spool.   This length will fall a little below a toddler’s knee.

4. Take one strip of tulle at a time, fold the strip over the elastic so that it is even on each side hanging over,  and knot it onto the waistband.  We liked the regular kind of knot best (the kind like the beginning of tying your shoe, but doubled).  Make sure to move the knot to the bottom of waistband.  Continue with the other strips of tulle, going around the wasitband.  We alternated pink and white. There should be two layers of tulle hanging down from one strip.

The tutu I made had over 65 strips and it was a little too full.  My sister’s tutu had around 50 and we really liked the look of that one best.  It is easy to add more or take some off so just hold the tutu up every now and then to see if it is to your liking.  That is it!  You can add a bow to the front or whatever embellishments you want.

*To make the American Girl Doll Tutu just measure your dolls waist and cut your elastic to that size. Overlap the waistband a bit (we weren’t exact on this part, but it was around 1/2 inch) and sew in place.  Cut your tulle strips to 10 inches and then knot around the waistband like above.


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