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New Year’s Eve Food 2009
January 2, 2010, 8:28 pm
Filed under: Holidays, New Year's, Winter

1. Whole Foods Cheeseball and Carr’s crackers- we did a taste test between Carr’s crackers and the Whole Foods brand and Wolfgang could tell the difference but I couldn’t.  The kids liked the Whole Foods “Ritz” crackers and everyone liked the cheeseball.

2. Organic Motzarella sticks- the only one who didn’t like them was the little one. Too stringy maybe.

3.  Chocolate Fondue with Rice Krispi Treats, strawberries, bananas, large marshmallows, apple chunks, Back to Nature Graham Cracker sticks- we all liked the idea of this and the dippers. I used a chocolate recipe from Cooking Light and didn’t really like the taste.  Also, I froze the Rice Krispi Treats from our gingerbread house night on Christmas Eve and they were defrosted in an hour or less on the counter and still tasted fresh and great.  

4.  Tortilla chips with Blue Moose Salsa- we all liked this.

5.  Special apple juice and the reindeer root beer- the kids loved the apple juice, but not the root beer. 

6. Hershey’s Hugs

The kids had fun with their poppers, hats and blowers too.


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