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Felt Cookie Cutout Set
January 2, 2010, 8:55 pm
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I have seen these little cookie sets all over the internet but without clear instructions.  Here is how I made my sets:

What you need: cream colored felt (I bought 1/2 yard for 3 sets), a cookie cutter shape of your choosing, other colors of felt depending on how you decorate ( I used some from my stash), cream colored embroidery floss, seed beads if you want sprinkles and a beading needle if you go this route, a regular sewing needle, something to trace such as a washable sewing marker, stuffing, and pins.

1. Cut out 2 rectangles of felt for the size you want your “cookie dough” to be.  You can also just purchase a few cream colored rectangles from the arts and crafts section at a craft store. You will need 3 if you buy them this way.

2. Randomly trace your cookie cutter shape four times on one of the rectangles of felt.  

3.  The hardest part for me was cutting out the shapes since you will need to use the cutout.  So I took an Exacto blade and sliced a little slit  along a side and then was able to fit my scissors in and cut around the shape following the line. Repeat for all 4 shapes. 

4. Lay the felt with the cutout shapes on top of the second piece of felt so that the sides match up and trace the cutouts down onto the felt below.  I pinned the two felt rectangles together so that they matched up perfectly and didn’t shift. Cut out those shapes the same way as above, but remove the top piece before cutting. 

5.  After all of the “cookies” have been cutout of the two felts, pin them together again so that the cookie cutout holes match up.  Then use a blanket stitch using 2 or 3 strands of embroidery floss  around the edges of each cookie cutout window.  When you get back to where you started the blanket stitch tie a knot and then weave in each of the ends up the sides of shapes.  I had cut the threads short on one of my cookie windows and it looks like it may come undone since the floss is a bit slick.  At this point you can cut around your rectangular shape to make it look like rolled dough and then sew around the edges.  I just used my sewing machine and did a plain straight stitch. 

6.  Take your cutout cookie shapes and blanket stitch those as well.  These shapes can then be placed back into the spots on the dough to fill in the empty spaces. 

7. Now take your extra cream colored felt that you have from either the half yard or the third piece that you bought from the craft store and trace 8 more cookie cutter shapes. You can embellish one side of 4 of the shapes any way you like. On some of mine I cut out smaller hearts for the frosting and stitched it on by hand using floss or cut out brown circles of felt and stitched those on for chocolate chips.  For the one with sprinkles, I cut out a smaller heart shape and stitched it on and then used my beading needle to sew on some seed beads for sprinkles.  

8. After you embellish 4 cookie cutouts, pin them to a back side cookie cutout using the remaining 4 shapes.  Blanket stitch these cookies together too. Before getting to the end, stuff some filling into the cookie to your liking and then close it up to the end.  Tie up the ends and weave them into the cookie.  

Now you are done and your child can pretend to roll out the dough and cut the dough using the cookie cutter.  My kids like to make little ovens with the pillows on the couch and then out of the oven comes the puffed up baked cookie. 


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