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December 30, 2009, 2:40 am
Filed under: Christmas, Gifts, House Stuff, Sewing

We really needed new placemats, so I decided to make my own.  The first one is an idea I have been thinking about for the kids. It is a placemat with a pocket to hold silverware.  I cut three different layers all being 13x 18. Two of the layers were the outside fabrics that you can see and the third layer was some flannel.  The pocket  was 4.5×4.5 with two pieces sewn together and then turned right side out.  I stitched the pocket down onto the placemat near the bottom right hand corner.  Make sure to only stitch around 3 sides.  I put the needle in the very right position and then stitched following the outside of the foot.  Next sew the three layers together with the two outer fabrics right sides together and then the flannel.  Stitch around the layers using a 1/4 inch stitch. Make sure you put the needle back into the center position.  Leave an opening about 3 inches to turn the placemat.  Once the placemat is turned right side out, stitch around the outer edges with the needle at the far right and follow the foot again.  The only thing I would do differently next time is to place the pocket further down into that right hand corner. 

For the Christmas placemats, I cut the fabric layers to 17.5×12.5 and sewed just as I did above but without a pocket.  The kids really like the pockets so I will need to make more with pockets.  

One more thing to add is that I used scraps for the pocket placemat and it turns out that the red fabric is polyester or something because it started to melt!  I need to be sure to use better fabric next time.

other: 12.5×17.5


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