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Tie Doll Blankets
December 26, 2009, 11:10 pm
Filed under: Crafts, Gifts, Kids

These tie blankets were gifts my nieces to use with their dolls. I cut two pieces of fleece 19×21.5.  Then I cut one inch fringe all the way across going down 3 inches. The only problem I had making these was that I had a half an inch in there so it kind of messed them up a little bit on the edges.  Anyway, I cut 3 inches deep so on the corners you can cut down 3 inches and 3 inches over. You should also lay something heavy or place tape across the blanket to mark when to stop cutting for the fringe. You can see I used a heavy metal ruler 3 inches in as my mark. Don’t worry about that part if it doesn’t make sense because the corners will just be cut out on their own as you cut your fringe.  After all of the fringe is cut, then you knot the bottom and top fringe pieces together all the way around.   You could also buy one of those pillow kits from a craft store to do this and use it as a blanket instead of a pillow.


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