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Gingerbread House Gift Box
December 25, 2009, 11:01 pm
Filed under: Christmas, Gifts

I saw this awesome gift box on flickr last month and just had to make it for my nieces gifts.  I just couldn’t find a box that had the top flaps overlapping all the way to the other side so I had to come up with a different idea. Here is what I did:

1. Find a taller box than you would want your box to be.  Cut off the top flaps.
2.  Here is where it can get confusing. I used the wider sides of the box for the roof top and then the thinner part for the triangle shape that stays staying up right.  Measure the thinner side across from end to end. Using that measurement, measure down each of the four corners going down.  Mark each corner edge with the measurement and then use a knife to cut slits down the edges.  

3.  So I skipped a picture here and need to go back to add it, but this picture shows the edges cut down to the mark you made. I then scored the inside of the larger sides that will become the roof and folded them in towards each other.  Holding the roof tops together, I held them in place and traced the triangle shape onto the outer part.  Then cut that triangle shape out on both sides. 

4.  Fold one of the roof tops down and tape in place. The other roof top will be the flap that you open to get to the gift inside. 


5.  Poke matching holes in the top of each roof part. This is to run the ribbon through later. 

6. The last part is the fun part. I painted one of my boxes because it had marks all over it.  Then just use scraps of fabric and paper to make windows, doors, and other decorations. I used wrapping paper for the roof.  Thread some ribbon through the holes and tie it closed. Fill your box with little wrapped gifts. 

*Two boxes are shown here. The one that is mostly shown has the roof steeper.  That one has the measurement going all the way across, but the box in the background was smaller so I did the measurement about halfway across. I didn’t like that one as much.


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