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Kid’s Advent Calendar Part 1
November 10, 2009, 8:54 pm
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2 I have always wanted to make an advent calendar that didn’t require filling pockets with more treats and gifts.  I have seen a few of this style advent calendars out there and this is what I have come up with.  First I cut the pockets out of felt measuring 2.5 inches x 2.25 inches.  The hardest part was coming up with the color arrangement.  Next, I stitched the pockets on using 3 strands of floss.  I tried to mix up the colors on each pocket.  
adventHere is a picture of the calendar so far. I cut the tree and centered it above the pockets.  More on where I got the pattern for the tree on the next post.  For the top of the blue felt background, I sewed down a little less than 1.5 inches to the back to create a little pocket to hang the calendar up.  

4The last thing I did for today was to cut out numbers to glue onto the pockets.  I just glued them using felt glue.  I also glued the tree down.


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Love it. So sweet. However, I am stumped. How to make the numbers so tidy looking? Pondering the possibility of printing out numbers onto an iron-on sheet…but that will maybe look dumpy. Any suggestions?

Comment by Juliane

I actually took regular felt and punched the numbers out using a die cut machine. I have a friend with a machine. One problem I had with iron on was that it melted my felt one time so be sure to test it first. I don’t think that the iron on would look dumpy at all. Another suggestion is to look for thinner felt to cut the numbers. I hand cut one of the numbers and it doesn’t look so good because the felt was so thick. The thinner felt just cuts more neatly. You could also maybe hand embroider the numbers on. That would take a long time, but it would look so cute. I would practice a few times on some extra pockets to see what you like the best. Thanks for checking out my advent calendar.

Comment by Roo

You know another idea is to make your pockets out of regular fabric and then do the iron on. Then you could use regular fabric for the iron on and it would be very easy to cut neatly. Or you could do puff paint????

Comment by Roo

Good ideas. Thank you! I will be visiting a quilting store today, so will check out what they have. Another idea I am leaning towards (due to the late date and closeness to Dec. 1st!) is to sew on different wooden buttons and then hang numbered tags from those. Maybe w/some silver thread and hand-printed numbers. Thanks again!

Comment by Juliane

That is a great idea too! Thanks for sharing. I would love to see what yours looks like when it is done.

Comment by Roo

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