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Protect Your Garden From Squirrels
June 8, 2009, 1:52 am
Filed under: Gardening

We have had a huge squirrel problem in our garden the last few years. They eat all of our seedlings, sunflowers, flowers, and now our baby tree. We have tried fencing off areas to keep them away, scarecrows, and cayenne pepper spray. Nothing has worked. Last weekend Wolfgang went out and bought a squirrel trap. It actually works! The trap doesn’t hurt the squirrel. It just traps it inside a cage and then we drive it to a far away field and let it out. We catch a squirrel everyday. Wolfgang really looked into how to trap the squirrel and here is how he does it: first put some peanut butter on a saltine and place it behind the trigger. You have to make sure you put the peanut butter side down so that it sticks to the cage. If the peanut butter side is up then the squirrel can just reach through from the side and pull it out. Next place a saltine with peanut butter on the trigger. The trick here is to smash the cracker with the peanut butter on the trigger so that the squirrel has to sit there and eat it. He then gets greedy and goes forward for the other cracker, which then triggers the door to close. He is then trapped. We place a towel over the cage so that the squirrel is calmed and also in case it is hot. It keeps it cooler inside the cage.


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