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Paper Helicopter and Paper Airplanes
June 8, 2009, 3:46 am
Filed under: Crafts, Kids, Summer

Today we also made some paper helicopters.  I found the directions here:Luckybeans.  The kids  had a lot of fun with these. They were really easy to make too!

Here is how you make them: Cut your paper to 5×11.  Then down the middle measure 5 inches down and cut that.  From the sides cut slits that are 1.5 inches towards the bottom of the slit (from edge to the middle of the paper).  Fold those slits that bottom half into the center and tape it.  Then at the bottom measure up 1 inch and fold it and fold again 1 inch.  Place paper clips on that fold.  At the top fold the flaps opposite directions– those are the helicopter blades.  Throw the helicopter from a high place. 

The other day Frank and I experimented with paper airplanes.  We made 4 different ones.  My favorite one was this one:  Most of them didn’t fly very well.  This one flew okay depending on who threw it.  Frank’s dad was really good at throwing this one making it do loops.  


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