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Mermaid Doll
June 8, 2009, 3:13 am
Filed under: Crafts, Gifts

My niece likes mermaids and in the past I made her an Ariel doll, Melody, who is Ariel’s daughter, and now this new doll.  The new doll will have blonde hair.  So here she is so far.  I forgot to trace her face this time before stuffing her so I managed to draw the face on paper and and then trace it onto the cloth with rubbing it on with pencil.  It is kind of like a carbon copy.  Then I darkened the lines withe a pencil.  I used a toothpick for a lot of the details.  I don’t even remember how I made the other two dolls, so I have to relearn everything.  I am in the process of deciding how to do the hair.  I do know to not put too much hair.  With the Ariel doll I put a full head of hair and now her head doesn’t stick straight up.  It is always weighed down.  More pictures will come once I finish her.


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