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Halloween Countdown Calendar Directions
June 8, 2009, 3:31 am
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  1. I made this Halloween Countdown calendar based off the one I saw in Pottery Barn last year.  Here is how I made it:
1.  Decide how large you want your pockets to be and cut out 32.   Mine are 3×4 inches.  I cut mine out of orange felt.
2.  I cut a long narrow piece of black felt and decided to cut off the length after the calendar was completed.  I put rows of four pockets to see how wide it needed to be and then cut the width.  
3.  Then I turned over the top 1.5 inches to the back side and sewed it down.  This will become the casing to hold the rod I put in it to hang it up.  
4.  I put out the letters that were cut spelling “Halloween” to see how much space I needed at the top.  Then I stared to sew down the pockets.
5.  For each pocket I measured from the edge 1 inch and then squared them up with the top.  Then, I pinned each pocket down to hold it in place.  Finally, I took two pieces of black embroidery floss and sewed by hand the pocket into place.  Make sure if you go across the top that you do not go through to the back.  The top is only for decoration.
6.  I spaced each pocket out about 3/4 inch and also 3/4 inch from the bottom of one pocket to the top of the next.  
7.  Some pockets needed some black felt sewed on before sewing down the orange part.  For those pockets I cut the black a little bit smaller than the orange and sewed all around the black to attach it to the orange.  Then I treated it as all the other pockets and sewed it down using the same technique as above. 
8.  After all of your shapes and numbers are cut out you can just simply glue them on using a good felt glue.  You can also glue on your “Halloween” letters at the top too.
9.  Finally, I cut off the excess fabric at the bottom and sewed a casing down there too using the 1.5 inches to the back.  I figure it adds some weight to hold the calendar down.  
10.  There are a lot of other ideas to do to your calendar like adding ric rac to the top and bottom and putting your family name at the bottom too.  
11.  Fill your calendar with treats or activity cards for the kids to do each day until Halloween.  

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Great idea to use the canvas!

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