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Halloween Count Down Activities
June 8, 2009, 3:24 am
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Ideas for the Halloween Countdown:

These are some ideas to do with the Halloween Countdown calendar.  I plan to put a treat or a slip of paper of an activity that we will do each day.  I will not be crazy and stress over getting to each activity, but the ideas are here if we need them.  Some nights I might just stick in some candy.  I also might have to change things around a bit depending on supplies on hand and weather.  The idea is to get thinking about some fun seasonal activities that we can do as a family.  I am sure I have left some ideas off or some fun ideas will come up as we go along.  I will post updates as the month progresses.  

1. Make slime
2.  Pumpkin- read the “Little Orange House” story and do the cutting activity, recite “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater”
3.  Owl- read Owl moon, it is kind of a winter story but oh well, and then write on an owl drawing what owls looks like, what they sound like, and what they do.
4.  Spider- read a spider nonfiction book and then do a marble painting web and glue on a fake spider.  Other ideas: Write number words on a webs and kids count out that many numbers after reading the number, I have a spider game too. Do the spider erase a rhyme story
5.  Play bingo with brainstormed Halloween words or words to learn or pictures
6.  Ghost- do the spinning ghost activity from AIMS
7.  Leaves- sponge paint onto a tree shape fall colors, or do a crayon melt in wax paper leaf to hang in the window.
8.  Play Old Maid with pumpkin cut outs.  Program the cut outs with words or numbers or pictures and make one of the cut outs a jack-o-lantern to be the “old maid”.  
9.  Witch’s hat- play pin the wart on the witch
10.  Moon- do a Halloween sticker story

11.   Go to the pumpkin patch
12. Candy
14.  Gravestone- make gravestone shaped grilled cheese and write RIP with ketchup.
15.  Using the skeleton we made earlier, estimate and measure using a ruler and unifix cubes.
16.  Ghost- do “Boo Bowling”.  Cover cans or bottles with white fabric and draw on eyes.  
17.  Boo-
18.  Frankenstein- do a Frankenstein graph art
19.  do the scarecrow erase a rhyme story
20.  Cat- do midnight cats project from Mailbox, maybe make cat cookies
21.  Watch Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin
22.  Candy corn- compare real corn to candy corn and make a venn diagram
23.  Stars- do the witch erase a rhyme story
24.  Candy- 
25.  Do an Erase a rhyme story- pumpkin
26.  Eek-  Read Pumpkin Circle and estimate pumpkin circumference, measure circumference and height.  Carve pumpkins.
27.  Write number words on pumpkin die cuts, read the words, and count out that many seeds.
28.  Caldron- read “Witch’s Brew” and do the baking soda and food coloring bit.
29.  Bat- read about bats in a nonfiction book.  On a bat cutout write facts about bats on one wing, birds on the other and in the middle on the body write what they have in common.
30.  Pumpkin bowling- use baby pumpkins to bowl. 
31.  Halloween Night- go trick-or-treating with the cousins!
Extra Pocket- Read Harriet’s Halloween candy and graph a handful of candy wrappers.

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