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New Year’s Day 2009
January 2, 2009, 2:20 am
Filed under: Holidays, New Year's, Winter

Today we went to my sister’s house for our annual New Year’s Day get together. We had so much fun! To start, my sister made some onion dip with potato chips. I just love that dip. Then she made green chili that was so wonderful. She served it with warm, yummy tortillas. We also had some salad with spicy ranch dressing. After lunch she made some delicious Heath Bar cookies and root beer floats. I haven’t had a root beer floats in years. We went home so stuffed. 

When all the pigging out was over, we made some vision boards. I think mine is a little too full of goals to accomplish so I may be cutting some things off. The main goal of mine for the year is to get healthy with diet and exercise. I have got to stop eating so many desserts and do some exercise. I will post a photo of the vision board later. We plan to do the vision board every New Year’s Day.